Susannah Marks

Founder & Director, Kids on Keys

Dear Parents and Students,
For 25 years I have taught students throughout the world to learn to read, write and play music. I know the hard work that goes into learning music, but I also know from experience that music is fun, and this is an essential factor in fostering a true love and interest for this invaluable resource in every young musician. It is under this philosophy that I developed the Kids on Keys program using Musique Rapide.

For young students this unique program is a musical game, but for parents and teachers it is a music-reading tool that eliminates the constraints of traditional music practice. It’s fast, easy and effective. The success rate of Kids on Keys students throughout the globe is exceptional, with overwhelmingly high performing marks on international exams such as Trinity Guildhall based in London.

I believe that the success of my program is founded on the value I place on the accessibility of music, but also the individual attention each child deserves to make their learning experience rewarding. At Kids on Keys everyone learns, and everyone succeeds.
I hope to see you playing soon, you’re in good hands.
Susannah Marks


Susannah Marks was born in Auckland, New Zealand and graduated with BA/Associate and Licentiate Degrees at Auckland University, in conjunction with Trinity College London in 1979. Trinity is one of the most prestigious global music standards—a standard she continues today with Trinity Guildhall examinations in her music program Kids on Keys.

Ms. Marks pioneered keyboard labs, including the first musician and teacher to use keyboard midi-technology in 1982-1984 in New Zealand; she then moved on to found a London studio in the UK from 1984 through 1987.

Ms. Marks returned to New Zealand to direct the Roland Corp Studio in Keyboards, and in 1992 moved to the Gold Coast, Australia where she developed the first Kids on Keys program using her unique teaching tool Musique Rapide. In 1996 she moved Kids on Keys to Auckland, New Zealand, founding and directing multiple music studios in Auckland until 2001.

From 2001-2014 she has implemented Kids on Keys at the prestigious New Jersey Workshop for the Arts in Westfield, NJ, successfully teaching hundreds of students using her unique teaching formula, as well as administering Trinity Guildhall Music Exams every semester.

New York City Office:

117 E.39th Street New York, NY 10016
Tel: (646)573-8981

New York Studios: By Appointment only

134 West 29th Street, New York City, NY 10001
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New Jersey Studios: By Appointment only

125 Elm Street, Westfield, NJ 07090
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