Musique Rapide

IMG_0234Music is a coveted skill at any age and in any age. Whether music came from classical geniuses such as Mozart and Beethoven; or music blasts out of pop culture celebrities today from Animal Collective to the Jonas Brothers. In any given decade music has swept up everyone, from teenagers to college students to nostalgic adults. But it all started somewhere, and that was the music lessons your parents gave you as a child.

Those lessons weren’t a necessity, but they became one. Music helps better ACADEMIC performance, CRITICAL thinking and CREATIVITY, but it also has infatuated people from the very beginning. Simply put, music is fun and exciting. Yet learning to read and play music is not always considered so, and that’s where Musique Rapide—the unique component of the Kids on Keys program—steps in.

IMG_0241Musique Rapide is an educative game aimed at young preschool to grade school aged kids to get a fresh, modern and unique kick start—and head start—in learning to read and play music. The results are unparalleled, over %90 of our kids get past that first hurdle of learning to read music, and go on to advanced levels. Such levels include passing skill assessment exams such as Trinity Guildhall, college-bound music degrees, joining chamber orchestras and jazz bands, and even starting their own bands!

Musique Rapide is not just a game, but a philosophy around musical learning. In an environment that’s fast-paced and fun, hands-on and colorful, children excel and they know it. Active engagement is a necessity, and enthusiasm contagious as our excellent teachers provide the individual training and guidance to make this unique tool effective.

Give your child that necessary gift, one that is both CLASSIC and modern, coveted and CREATIVE, reliable and REWARDING.

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